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Candida Royalle's Caribbean Heat

The latest film from the Femme studios showcases new female director Manuela Sabrosa. Shot in the tropics, this films vignettes explore hot sexual situations, with plenty of romance amid the lust. The women are definitely in charge here. Great film, with a real emphasis on cunnilingus too!

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Vibrating Foam Rubber Ducky

The Vibrating Foam Rubber Ducky is not only vibrates! Turn it on, let it float, and it creates its own PULSA-BATH Action...just like a mini-spa! This little Ducky is perfect for those quiet little relaxation baths, or for an arousing encounter with that special someone! Never take a bath alone again - let the Rubber Ducky be your bath companion whenever you get wet...After all, it's a real Quack Up, and still a bit sensuous!


Recommended Adult Sites

There are thousands of porn sites out there, but most of them are made for men... and they're also pretty crappy.

We here at Cake Party want to point you in the right direction. These major adult sites are all lovingly crafted, very individual and extremely sexy. They're also honest. These sites don't try to rip you off, or send you to popup hell, or treat you like an idiot. They're all well designed, offer quality content and genuinely believe in what they're doing. Some are for women, some are for men, and some are just... different.


For The Girls
A huge site combining adult content and women's magazine. For The Girls is run by two women who offer what they themselves want to see. There's plenty of naked men, hetero couples photos and videos, streaming movies, erotic fiction written for women and audio stories. There's also regularly updated articles, sex advice, interviews, news and reviews.
"The true genius of this place is that it dares to approach female sexuality in a sophisticated way without trying to remove any of the heat or humor." - Janes Guide review

Pure Cunnilingus
This site celebrates men going down on women. Most cunnilingus in porn is only performed in girl-girl situations. Pure Cunnilingus aims to rectify the situation. More than 1000 MF muff diving photos, as well as erotic fiction, movies and more. The site is part of a larger network so you also get access to huge amount of porn, including other women's sites like Masturbating Men and Goddess Erotica.

Couples Pleasure Dome
This site offers downloadable clips taken from top quality porn movies. All the clips have been chosen by the webmistress because they will appeal to women and couples. Studios featured include Adam and Eve and Vivid, and there's also some good sex education videos included. The site is part of the Adult Video Planet network so you also get access to over 140 movie sites, including the female-friendly Hetero Male Porn Stars.

Solo Nation
Solo Nation is all about celebrating masturbation. The above link will take you to the male version of the site, but there's also a female version for men. The site features photos and movies of men and women masturbating, along with articles and forums to discuss the joys of jilling and jacking off. It's less of a porn site and more of a community.

Fucking Machines
What happens when you combine engineering with porn? You get Fucking Machines! This unique site features a huge variety of home-built devices designed to penetrate and excite women. There's something distinctly thrilling about these machines, and the site owners are genuinely interested in giving the girls pleasure. You'll see plenty of Hitachi Magic Wands being used in conjunction with the machines. As well as being respectful to women, this site is recommended because it's just so damned hot.
"I orgasmed four time watching this, I had no idea when my husband told me about this site what it would be like. I had to sit on his dick and watch the rest..." - Review on site

Three Pillows
The net's first bisexual site, this one remains completely authentic. Run by a bisexual man who loves what he does, Three Pillows features heaps of exclusively shot content - the largest collection of bi porn in the world. Most of it is MMF bisexual stuff, and the main target is bi men, but that's no reason for women not to enjoy this site as well. If you've ever fantasised about being with two guys, you'll love three pillows.
"This site turned me on and got me off, and I think that is the biggest praise I can give an erotic site!" - Janes Guide review

Sapphic Erotica
This "lesbian" site is run by a man, and it offers a lot of standard pretendy-lesbian pics and movies. But it's still very nice to look at and the emphasis is on female pleasure and realistic sex. Lots of kissing, romance, and not too many Brazilian waxes. If you feel like indulging in a spot of girl-girl fantasy, this could be the place for you.
"This is the best erotica site I've ever seen. Okay, i'm a male but, I think I'll never kiss a girl the same way now." - Member review

Abby Winters
This Australian site features real amateur girls, both solo and performing girl-girl. The site has a "no skanks" policy and is very keen on respecting the models. It's another independantly run site that prides itself on offering quality, no-nonsense porn without ripping off the surfer. The tour lays it all out beautifully, with detailed descriptions about what you get for your money. Good value.

Retro Raunch
A porn site for the conservative in us all. This unique site has over 50,000 genuine vintage erotic photos, some dating back to the turn of the century. It also has a large collection of pinups from the 50s and 60s, as well as retro porn movies from the 70s and 80s. The boobs were real, the pubic hair was copious, and the hairstyles were... bad.

Serial Thrillas British Strippers
Movies and photos from real male strip shows. The site also features CFNM performances and increasingly torrid sexual situations, where the audience members are encouraged to give the guys a hand or blowjob.

Real Fucking Couples
Essentially an amateur site, Real Fucking Couples is run by the same people who do Fucking Machines. It's got plenty of great straight hardcore content, and it's not all fake and plastic. Nice.