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Candida Royalle's Caribbean Heat

The latest film from the Femme studios showcases new female director Manuela Sabrosa. Shot in the tropics, this films vignettes explore hot sexual situations, with plenty of romance amid the lust. The women are definitely in charge here. Great film, with a real emphasis on cunnilingus too!


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City of Flesh Series

In the past two years, independent filmmaker Estelle Josephn has been working hard on her pet project - the City of Flesh series by Stella Films.

Written and directed by Estelle, these adult movies are aimed squarely at women. They depict female fantasies and show sexual situations where women are in charge.

Estelle set out to make the films because she liked porn but couldn't find anything that she really enjoyed. So much of the porn industry either ignores women or thinks they just need some soft focus.

The City of Flesh series breaks the mould by creating films offering serious hardcore sex, but with a female point of view.

City of Flesh (2004)

Estelle (Dominique X) has brought her favorite fantasies together into a unique visual paradigm. Set against an edgy New York backdrop, City of Flesh is an erotic film designed to excite, entice and intensify your audio-visual sexual experience. Lose yourself in its highly stylized visuals, brilliant soundtrack and erotic stories of eleven extremely passionate people who do extremely passionate things. From new studio Stella Films (formerly Red Light Interactive). These movies have been made especially for female viewers.

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Also available to stream or pay-per-view at: Cake Party AEBN

City of Flesh 2: Apt. 2b (2004)

Big city life can be tough, especially for a young woman trying to make it on her own. Julia (newcomer Dana Marie) is in desperate need of a new apartment in a decent, affordable apartment in a good neighborhood. In the Big Apple, however, finding such a place is easier said than done. To get what she wants, Julia engages in one crazy sexual exploit after another with anyone who might be willing to help her.

Julia's no victim, though, nor is she a hapless bimbo. She's a strong-willed, free spirit of a woman who'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She might be wild and uninhibited, but she's also in complete control of the men and women who gladly cater to her every desire.

City of Flesh #2 is sizzling with sensuality, sexuality, and non-stop hardcore action. It features dazzling new talent, an awesome soundtrack and highly stylized editing and direction.

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Gamelink: Video on Demand
Also available to stream or pay-per-view at: Cake Party AEBN

City of Flesh 3: Cummittment (2005)

The road to commitment is paved with wild sexual exploits. At least, that's one couple's experience, as they embark on a quest to test their commitment to one another. Under the advice of a relationship expert, Amber and Randy engage in one after another of his outrageous sexual "assignments". City of Flesh #3 tells the tantalizing story of Amber and Randy's unconventional efforts to test the strength of their relationship. However, this is not your conventional adult move, its hardcore, explicit action is interlaced with an engaging storyline, skillful acting, beautiful sets and awesome music. City of Flesh #3 is as innovative and erotic as blue cinema gets. Expect the unexpected!

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Gamelink: Video on Demand
Also available to stream or pay-per-view at: Cake Party AEBN

City of Flesh 4: Indulgence (2005)

Indulgence is an erotic masterpiece you won't want to miss! It blends an enticing combination of fresh and experienced talent in six different vignettes. What makes this movie great is the natural attraction the featured actors had for each other, leading to incredible, authentic scenes. The movie features Holly, Bunny South, Alexa, Lucy Lucy, Anita Blue, Lou, Ricky D., Frank and Red Bull. City Of Flesh IV: Indulgence delivers unpredictable, non-stop sexual action. It has all the erotica, talent, creativity and excellence as our other movies--only it's better.

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