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What is a "cake party"?
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What is a "Cake Party"?

Cake Parties are a relatively new phenomenon. They began five years ago in New York, the brainchild of a sexologist and a women's studies graduate.

"Cake" is a slang term for a woman's genitals. The word in the "cake party" context means it's a gathering focused on women's sexuality - exploring it, flaunting it and celebrating it.

A cake party is mainly open to women, although men are allowed to attend if they are accompanied by a female. Cake parties are designed specifically to entertain women in a sexual way.

A physical Cake party can include any or all of the following:

- Male and female strippers
- Pole dancing
- Burlesque shows and cabaret acts
- Bondage shows
- Private rooms for sexual encounters
- Gambling
- Cocktails
- Opportunities for women to meet with other sexually interested individuals (male or female)

Cake parties are seen as a new way to meet potential partners, better than the bar or nightclub scene.

Women who attend cake parties are likely to be young, urban professional women who don't call themselves "feminists". The parties are for women who want to embrace their sexuality and find new ways to enjoy it beyond the boundaries set up by our society.

Cake parties have been called "anti-feminist" by some, but those who enjoy them refute the assertion. They say they are the ones in control, and they are choosing to be sexual in this manner, entirely of their own volition, and it does not harm women to do so.

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